Lindy Davies

2019 Intensives Now Open


Language is losing its power, as we diminish words we become less eloquent, and as we drift towards the meaningless without protesting we disenfranchise ourselves.

Trusting your intuition

Playing the moment

Revealing a complex inner life

Engaging with directors

Are you? 




Let’s reclaim language, reclaim eloquence and acknowledge that language has the power to shift perspective, ignite the imagination, dislocate complacency, invigorate minds, dissolve lethargy and restore hope.

Performance Consultation

What I do                            

I work with actors to assist them with preparation for rehearsals.

I work with actors to facilitate the complete realisation of luminous performance in film and television.

I create autonomous performers.

How I do it

I guide the actor to integrate the inner life of character, the character through-line and script trajectory into a precise and dynamic blueprint and score for performance.

I train actors to move easily between the objective and subjective.

I train actors to share their perspective with eloquence.


How to:

Play the moment

Transform words into experience

Reveal a complex inner life

Clarify meaning

Sustain a mercurial presence

Understand the relationship between form and spontaneity

Examine dramatic structure

Engage with directors

Transform feedback into action

Trust the organic

Claim the intuitive

Claim the form

Work as a collaborator

Working from that place of stillness, that place of silence, that place of infinite possibility.

Lindy Davies