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Lindy Davies

2019 Intensives Now Open



What I do                            

I work with directors to assist them with preparation for rehearsals.

 I work with directors to facilitate the complete realisation of luminous performance in film and television.

How I do it

I integrate the inner life of character, the plot through-line and the script trajectory into a precise and dynamic blueprint and score.

I train directors to move easily between the objective and subjective.

I train directors to give precise and specific feedback to actors.


Working with the Director, I implement the following:

Examine themes, ideas and preoccupations.

Examine the rhythm and shape of dramatic action.

Examine beats, units, actions and character arc.

Examine dramatic structure: inciting incident; moment of crisis; climax and denouement.

Examine writer’s intentions.

Development of character.

Examine social and political context and content.

Development of dynamic tension.

Development of dramatic tension.

Examine the relationship between form and content.

Lindy Davies