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Lindy Davies

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Photo by Jeff Busby   -  Jesse Rosenfeld

Photo by Jeff Busby   -  Jesse Rosenfeld

The Autonomous Actor

An actor who is self governing, an actor who has a unique
vision of performance; a strong sense of responsibility; 
an actor who questions and gives suggestions; an actor
in pursuit of virtuosity: working rigorously, imaginatively,
conceptually and physically.

An actor who is prepared to take responsibility for the
material they choose to work with, by challenging writers
if there is a lack of quality, by challenging content that is
racist, sexist or ageist.

An actor who is prepared to look at the implications of
what something does, rather than only looking at what
something says.

An actor who is willing to look at the political implications
of belonging to a profession which is shaping the
perception of following generations.

Lindy Davies