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Lindy Davies

2019 Intensives Now Open

The Intuitive Actor… a path to Autonomy


The Focus of this Workshop is upon how to inhabit the moment, this Workshop is concerned with PROCESS not Product.


Introduction to active meditation: Impulse Work/Pole Work and focusing upon the EMBODIED Actor.

Introduction to the Abstract: the direct pathway to the subconscious and a strong inner life. Expanding and igniting the imagination.

Intensive voice workshop: combining the work of Cicely Berry and Kristin Linklater, with the work of a Buddhist Monk.

Expanding the dynamic dimensions of the centred voice.

Introduction to Dropping In and the transformation of language into experience.

Intuitively transforming text into action, without HOW being part of the equation.


Application of the voice work to text, and the development of multi layered relationships through the Integration of impulse work, text work and pole work.

Actually experiencing other actors in the space in an open and limitless way.

Introduction of the principles of Blueprinting; the actor in relation to space, text and audience (or camera).

Entering the zone: an investigation of the principles, which enable the actor to inhabit the moment in a meaningful and mesmeric way.


Parables; provocations are set for the actors which require them to work in a deep imaginative way in relation to space and the text.

Text into Blueprinting: moving the text into context, using spatial dynamics, objects and physical action to create meaning.

Scene Work: Principles into practice.

How do you know where you are going unless you know where you are?

Lindy Davies