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Melbourne May 2018

Lindy Davies Masterclass

The Intuitive Actor… the path to autonomy

Lindy Davies has strongly influenced a generation of actors, filmmakers and theatremakers.

Intuition is the defining principle of her process and as such provides a revolutionary approach to the art of the actor in theatre and film.



Friday       May 25

Saturday   May 26

Sunday     May 27


Limited places - Apply Now

No Auditing


What people are saying about the Lindy Davies' Masterclass

I want to thank you for your energy and presence and guidance this past weekend. You have your finger on the pulse of acting more than anyone I've ever met.

A wonderful experience, empowering, enlightening and entertaining........

 Thank you for the weekend wonder. I’m so blessed to have been part of it. The space you create is always magical.

 I reconnected with the art of acting ...........

Lindy is a rare teacher, a fierce theatre practitioner and an immensely generous spirit.....

Your approach to the work is the most truthful and simple and nourishing and profound approach that I have ever encountered, and I have worked and studied with some of the best.

I had a wonderful weekend.  It was lovely to put myself back in touch with my instincts and intuition, in such a simple but profound way. It's always there, and I know it is my true self, my depth.


       Limited places - Register interest now

No Auditing

            What you will be doing in this Masterclass

With this original approach you will work instinctively without the impediment of reason.

With this approach you will realise complex and multilayered characters.

With this approach you will create dynamic, mercurial, authentic performances simply by experiencing the language.

The actor in relation to time: being in the moment.

The actor in relation to text: revealing the meaning.

The actor in relation to character: changing one’s state.

The actor in relation to space: claiming the space.

The actor in relation to the audience: provoking change.

Lindy Davies